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5 Instagram Accounts to Follow as a Remodeler

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5 Instagram Accounts to Follow as a Remodeler

Instagram is a powerful tool for marketing and education. Here are five remodelers that do both just right.

By Caroline Broderick October 21, 2021
remodeler instagram

Social media can be an effective marketing tool and educational resource for the industry, and these five Instagram accounts demonstrate how to do both correctly.

Remodelers are in a unique position to utilize social media as a way to gain leads and showcase projects or use it to reach others in the industry—or both.

The following Instagram accounts show that simple can be best in terms of social media and different approaches can reap different results. Remodelers can benefit from both the information provided by the below accounts while learning from their successes.

Dr. Decks

Company Type: Deck builder

Posts: 6,298

Followers: 165,000

Strengths: Wide array of video types, tips, project updates


Northwest-based deck builder Dr. Decks approaches its company's Instagram account as a resource for others in the industry. Of the account’s 6,294 posts, the majority are likely informational, detailed videos sharing completed projects, reviewing tools, and offering tips while on the job. 

Remodelers can find insight for bettering their building practices, but the account also serves as an example of the simple, effective approach of grabbing your phone, snapping quick videos, or just setting it down on Time-Lapse mode, to reach more within the industry.

Takeaway: One project can serve as social media content for weeks and it doesn’t take much effort to share a quick tip or showcase a project in progress. The result can impress potential clients and welcome discourse from fellow remodelers. 



A post shared by Dr.Decks (@drdecks)


Oak Hearth Homes

Company Type: Kitchen and bath remodeler

Posts: 214

Followers: 22,700

Strengths: Photography, informative captions, cohesive branding


Oak Hearth Homes takes a different approach to social media than Dr. Decks: posts are more homeowner-targeted. Still, the remodeling company offers up industry insight for homeowners to benefit from, such as its post detailing the material shortages, and turns it into an opportunity to promote their work, explaining how choosing an experienced contractor during this time is of utmost importance. 
The account features a wide selection of before and after images, which are often their most popular posts. The brand serves as a solid example of branding as well. This can be seen in their standard color scheme, visible on the account’s story highlights. Story highlights also act as a quick introduction to the company, featuring information on estimates, reviews, its 10-step process, progress shots, and keeping a project portfolio easy to access through its kitchens and bathroom highlights.

Takeaway: Effective branding, high-quality images, and informative captions help to showcase your company as an expert to potential clients. Don’t doubt the effectiveness of Instagram stories either as a tool to educate potential customers on your business practices. High resolution, professional (often, but not always) photographs work best when trying to reach homeowners.




Company Type: Carpenter

Posts: 6,834

Followers: 248,000

Strengths: Variety of tools, videos, follower interaction


As an offshoot from the power tool reviewer blog, Toolpig, the Instagram account by a third-generation carpenter brings followers to the jobsite to show tools in action—and lets them do the talking. Remodelers can learn about new tool introductions, new ways to use tools, and ask questions or share experiences in the comments section. The account’s 248,000 followers can attest that the minimal effort content—meaning no professional photos or videos here—can be as impactful as it is easy.

Takeaway: ToolPig serves as a great example for becoming an educational tool for others in the industry. Don’t overcomplicate the quality of your postings if your intended audience is fellow residential construction pros—they’ll appreciate the realness. Videos are most impactful when discussing how something works: it’s always best to show rather than tell.



Drywall Shorty

Company Type: Drywall finisher

Posts: 723

Followers: 124,000

Strengths: Follower interaction, quick tips, balance of videos and photos


Lydia Crowder, aka Drywall Shorty, focuses on video content offering tips and tricks for drywall installation she’s learned during the 18-plus years working with drywall. Her videos include the latest tools, basic-level explanations, and jobsite progress shots. Crowder began posting in 2018 and gained 123,000 followers since, rarely posting without being covered in mud. She creates a learning-driven community on her page, consistently responding to comments, which in turn, encourages followers to leave comments, helping her engagement.

Takeaway: Engage with your comments and answer questions that come your way. Not only will it help boost your engagement and appear better to Instagram’s algorithm, but it will help foster a community.




Company Type: Carpenter

Posts: 1,495

Followers: 92,800

Strengths: Personal voice, follower engagement, progress shots


Carpenter Zack Dettmore offers remodelers a realistic peek into projects by pairing videos and photos with authentic captions. This reveals weakness to social media use for pros, too: homeowners tuning into your social media to observe their project. In Dettmore’s most recent case, a homeowner was unsure of a stair stain after seeing it on his Instagram page. Dettmore offers a more human, personal approach with his brand that helps create a greater connection to remodelers and homeowners. Another example: his post on managing a trade you don’t understand. Dettmore does not shy away from discussing professional annoyances or insecurities—and his followers respond well. In his stories, Dettmore puts a face to his brand and shares even more details on projects.

Takeaway: There’s no need to be a picture-perfect professional online. Your work will speak for itself. Those seeking advice from other pros will appreciate the honesty and humor.

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