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Does Encouragement Really Matter?

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Does Encouragement Really Matter?

Home improvement industry leader Brian Gottlieb shares the importance of encouragement for any business

August 25, 2022
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Home improvement industry expert Brian Gottlieb shares the critical role encouragement plays in an organization. As a leader, spreading encouragement will not only improve your team members' confidence, it will determine whether or not you reach your goals.




Does encouragement really matter?

I'd like to give you an example for a minute. And maybe you've gone through this yourself: And if you remember, I remember when my kids were little, and I was teaching them how to ride on two wheels, it was that great moment where you're finally take the training wheels off.

And here's how I kind of went: Okay, you've got a kid there on the bicycle, you're holding on to that bicycle seat, the training wheels are off, and you're running behind them as they start to pedal and pedal and pedal. And then eventually you let go, the thing you don't say is "Watch out, you're gonna crash!" Because if you were to say that the odds are they probably crash.

Instead, what you say as a parent is, "Okay, I'm letting go and look at you can do it. Yeah, you're doing it! Keep pedaling!"

That encouragement allows them to believe in themselves at a time where you believed in them more than they do.


Where and When to Use Encouragement

Positive encouragement, in my opinion, has a place for sales, and there's a place for it in your organization.

If you think about in the sales world, I can't tell you how many times I've sat at the kitchen table with Mr. And Mrs. Jones. And they're thinking about doing a project, but they're not sure if it's a good idea. And maybe they want to get other estimates. And maybe they want to think about it for a while. Customers need reinforcement: "Oh my gosh, good for you for wanting to do this project. You deserve to have a beautiful bathroom. You deserve to have new windows, it's a great idea. You're smart for having somebody come out."

Positive encouragement actually helps move the sales process along the way.

From a management standpoint, I will share with you to remember that they're in a role and they don't know if they're necessarily good at this or have the capabilities of being good at something that you're doing.

The more you believe in somebody that works for you, and the more you constantly communicate the fact that you believe in them, what that does is over time is that they truly believe in themselves.

Ultimately, if you were to ask me what is the single most important thing that a business owner does? It's about helping people realize their full potential. And we do that through encouragement.

As you have lofty goals and big dreams inside of your organization, the key is as you help people realize their full potential. Along that process, your dreams become your destiny.


written by

Brian Gottlieb

Brian Gottlieb is the founder of Tundraland Home Improvements and current CEO of Renewal by Andersen of Greater Wisconsin. 

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