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Innovative Products: Aria Vent

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Innovative Products: Aria Vent

Bringing air register design in line with modern design

January 9, 2020
air vent with modern design from aria vent
This article first appeared in the January 2020 issue of Pro Remodeler.

As the turn of the decade approaches, it’s easy to look back and see how design and styles have changed across almost all categories of building and finish materials: subfloor, windows, cabinet hardware, and more. One product category that got left behind? Air registers. 

Not anymore, thanks to Aria Vent, a company providing design flexibility where these grilles are concerned, with the creation of what the company says is the first modular air vent that can be visually adapted to any surface. 

“A client came to our family’s stone manufacturing company requesting air register grilles made out of marble,” says Roberta Mantenuto, CEO and co-owner of Aria Vent. “We’d normally outsource that, but instead my dad (Paolo, Aria Vent’s other co-owner) decided to invent an entirely new product.”

Today, Aria Vent has four models, making it a top choice for almost any home design or location. The Aria OG, Aria Lite, and Flushmount Pro can be installed anywhere: floor, wall, or ceiling. The OG and Lite must be installed after the floor, wall, or ceiling surface material is installed, while the Flushmount Pro must be placed prior to the surface material. 

The Drywall Pro, like its name indicates, is compatible with drywall only, and as such, is suitable for only walls and ceilings. (The Drywall Pro is also available as either an air register or an exhaust fan cover.)

The center island can be matched to any material imaginable, says Mantenuto. “There is no floor vent to match vinyl, but you can with ours. If you have a home with different surfaces throughout the rooms, you could also choose to make this piece consistent across the board, like you would with door handles or cabinet pulls.”

One concern the company often hears surrounds air flow. “We’ve found that the Aria Vent air flow is comparable to a regular grille vent,” she says. “All the airflow specs are available on our site for each model.” Their website also features an easy-to-use guide to help remodelers and owners determine the model best suited to a project.

The company has yet to announce its new offerings for 2020, but Mantenuto mentioned three new product releases coming soon that will “shake things up.” These will be showcased at various tradeshows throughout 2020.

Prices range based on the size of the vent (up to six sizes available, that vary by the model), but according to Mantenuto, a standard 4x10 vent costs about $58.

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