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May 2019

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So Sorry for Your Loss

Knowing what I know now, I wish I had handled that homeowner differently 

Attention California Contractors

Start familiarizing yourself with solar, California remodelers

Ask and Listen

Learning how to coach is part of the leadership skill set

Shortening the Sales Cycle

5 tips for decreasing the time needed to turn a lead into a signed contract

Paid in Full

Should you cash a final check marked “paid in full” if you dispute the amount that’s owed?  

A Social Strategy

3 tips for leveraging social media platforms to their highest potential to market and grow your remodeling company

Innovative Products: Wilsonart Wetwall Bath Solutions

A laminate product meant to rival ceramics in looks, and undermine them in ease of installation

Innovative Products: 1Shot Steel Stud Anchor

One screw to solve the problem of anchoring into metal studs  

Study Questions Use of Wood

And gives remodelers another reason to salvage materials

Innovative Products: Thermory Drift and Ignite

A European favorite makes a push into the American marketplace

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