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PR June 2013

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PR June 2013

Franchising | Spotlight: Basement Rehab | Richardson: Team Selling

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Windows shed light on recovery

Tax credits still shuttering progress toward rebound.

David Lupberger: It's about customer engagement

By extending homeowner relationships, you can introduce a recurring revenue model, building future equity in your company. A client-for-life business model builds company equity.

PRIME: Key metrics to manage your business

Our PRIME advisory panel includes some of the remodeling industry’s top professionals. This month we asked, “If you had only three metrics to manage your company, what would they be and why?”

Dymonic 100 Urethane Sealant

This advanced urethane sealant from Tremco adheres to both damp and green concrete, helping avoid delays and keep construction on schedule.

Sherwin-Williams Dry Erase Coating

This new coating can be applied to nearly any interior surface and over any paint color to instantly create an economical dry erase board.

Sakrete Concrete Crack Filler

Once applied, it protects concrete surfaces against freeze and thaw cycles and provides a long-lasting, durable seal.

Quikrete Concrete and Masonry Sealers

Quikrete offers both a waterproofing sealer and high-gloss sealer for concrete and masonry applications.

Kleer PVC Trim Adhesives and Sealants

Kleer Lumber offers a full line of sealant and adhesive products for use with its cellular PVC trim pieces.

EDGE Series 270G Gravity-Feed Spray Gun

The 270G spray gun features a paint capacity of 33 fluid ounces and weighs just 2.7 pounds, with a built-in air regulator and gauge for better accuracy.

DAP Alex Flex Premium Sealant

This crack-proof sealing option from DAP Products is ideal for sealing wood or synthetic molding and trim prior to painting.

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