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January 2007 Product Preview

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January 2007 Product Preview

By Staff December 31, 2006
This article first appeared in the PR January 2007 issue of Pro Remodeler.

New Products

Klein Tools

The Insulated Nut Driver kits manufactured by Klein Tools feature 3-, 4- and 6-inch hollow shafts. The tools are for long-bolt applications and allow full engagement with the nut to hold fasteners securely in place. The shafts also provide some distance from electrical sources. Each kit includes a custom Cordura nylon carrying case that has an interior document pocket for maximum organization.

For FREE info go to http://pr.ims.ca/5319-125


The Concrete Crack Repair/Waterproofing system from Emecole is a two-step method with an epoxy surface seal applied with the company's patented Jake gun on the outside of the crack. Liquid polyurethane or another epoxy is pumped through injection ports to fully fill the crack and seal the surface.

For FREE info go to http://pr.ims.ca/5319-127

Watt Stopper/Legrand

The latest vacancy/occupancy sensors by Watt Stopper/Legrand save energy by automatically turning lights off in empty rooms and replace wall switches. It boasts a night light, has dual switching with one sensor for control of two loads (such as bathroom lights and exhaust fan); a backlight; and a light level sensor that adjusts light output according to daylight levels.

For FREE info go to http://pr.ims.ca/5319-126


The JobMax fittings bag by Ridgid has six interior pockets and three exterior pockets made of Neoprene with a double-wall construction. The bag is rated for all weather use, and its interior is PVC-coated to resist water. The bag also has an abrasion-resistant bottom. It measures 11½-inches high by 17½-inches wide.

For FREE info go to http://pr.ims.ca/5319-128

Besa Lighting Co.

The Maxi Cable Glass Pendants by Besa Lighting Co. are large cable pendants for foyers, lofts, two-level great rooms, entryways, lobbies and other areas with a tall ceiling. The pendants come in a 15-inch teardrop, 24-inch globe and 36-inch tall cylinder version. They are supported by three wire cables and are adjustable up to 10 feet.

For FREE info go to http://pr.ims.ca/5319-129


The Leyden cast iron wood stove by Lopi holds up to 65 pounds of wood in log lengths up to 21 inches with a 2.3 square foot firebox. One full load of wood produces up to 18 hours of burn time. The stove has a top loading option, and a built-in heat-exchange chamber transfers heat off of the stove for added efficiency.

For FREE info go to http://pr.ims.ca/5319-132


The latest products in Trimble's Spectra portable laser tools include the LG20 Crossbeam Generator, HR250 Precision Laser and HD50 Handheld Distance Laser. The HD50 (shown) is accurate to ±1/6-inch at 165 feet and can measure hard-to-reach or hazardous areas. The LG20 replaces a level, square, plumb bob, chalk and optical instrument and features self-leveling and universal accessories.

For FREE info go to http://pr.ims.ca/5319-130

Fomo Products

The Handi-Stick polyurethane foam adhesive from Fomo provides an airtight seal and durable bond. According to the company, the product works quickly on insulated concrete form construction and on architectural foam. The product is pressurized, and 1,000 lineal feet of adhesive bead can be applied without changing cans.

For FREE info go to http://pr.ims.ca/5319-131

Bath Fixtures

Discouraging Mold Growth

While fancy fixtures and flashy tubs can help sell a job, sometimes the most important part of a bathroom project happens in the walls.

Mold and moisture concerns continue to drive development in the wallboard industry as manufacturers work to create products that discourage mold growth.

"Everyone's just really afraid about it, so we are constantly looking at ways to offer a higher degree of protection," says Kieren Corcoran, product manager for Georgia-Pacific.

Manufacturers are designing the new wave of products to resist mold by removing the paper — the mold's food source — from wall products for tubs and showers.

"We've removed 99 percent of the organics, so even if you have the mold spores and the moisture, you still inhibit the mold growth," Corcoran says.

G-P's DensShield Tile Backer, for example, replaces the paper with fiberglass mats and has a moisture-resistant coating.

While USG offers mold-resistant products like its Durock cement board, product solutions are only part of the equation, says John Pappas, product marketing manager, drywall systems, for USG Corp.

"We're always looking at new product developments, but we're working to educate professionals and consumers about mold issues as well," he says. "Proper installation is the most important part of keeping moisture out. Products are not a silver bullet."

Toward that end, USG is focusing on training and sharing information through an informational Web Site and as part of the Responsible Solutions to Mold Coalition.

G-P is also doing its part in training, with installation clinics on building moisture resistant bathrooms at industry trade shows.

Speakman Co.

The Versatile Shower System from Speakman Co. shower products combines a handheld and mounted showerhead in one polished chrome unit. The package attaches to any existing fixed arm-mounted showerhead and includes a 6-foot metal hose, a wall-mounted holder and hardware for diverting water to the hand-held component.

For FREE info go to http://pr.ims.ca/5319-134



The Antioch Single Handle Articulated Spout kitchen faucet by Danze has an arched spout with a one-foot reach for large multi-bowl sinks and a side sprayer. It is available in chrome, brushed nickel and oil rub bronze finishes and comes with a matching deck plate to cover any existing holes.

For FREE info go to http://pr.ims.ca/5319-133

Warmly Yours

The ClearlyYou mirror defogger from Warmly Yours is an electric system that transfers warmth to the glass surface to prevent moisture build-up during bathing. It is installed behind wall-hung mirrors and comes equipped with pre-attached power leads to any 12-volt lighting fixture or 2- by 4-inch junction box.

For FREE info go to http://pr.ims.ca/5319-135


The Washlet S400 toilet seat from Toto is made from an antimicrobial plastic and features an automatic flushing system. The lid closes 90 seconds after use, and the seat can be raised by button or wireless remote. It also has a self-cleansing function and heated seat.

For FREE info go to http://pr.ims.ca/5319-136

Safety Tubs

The Acrylic walk-in bathtub with a built-in adjustable seat from Safety Tubs allows those with limited mobility to get in and out of the tub easier. When closed, the door seal flattens and keeps the water in, and the weight of the water keeps the seal leak proof. A hand shower that's included can be mounted on the tub or the wall.

For FREE info go to http://pr.ims.ca/5319-138


Oceania Baths

The standard-size Sakura shower/bathtub from Oceania Baths measures 60 by 30 by 12 inches and is built for alcove installation. It sports a 22-inch acrylic backsplash, pre-installed reinforced grip bars, a fold-down seat and a low-maintenance, joint-free surface. The combination tub features the company's AeroMassage therapeutic systems.

For FREE info go to http://pr.ims.ca/5319-139


The Brass Basin Collection from Artisan is cast in solid brass in scalloped, smooth and floral shapes. There are 12 models available and the basins are 534-inches deep and are 19 inches wide. The company also has stainless steel offerings and has a 25-year warranty on all of its sinks.

For FREE info go to http://pr.ims.ca/5319-137

Trim & Gutters


The HomeSaver UltraPro Chimney liner from Copperfield is made of a flexible, stainless 316 TI alloy and, according to the company, is engineered to stand moisture, extreme temperatures, corrosive flue gasses, repeated cleaning, and daily use. The liners replace traditional clay liners inside chimneys and are UL-listed.

For FREE info go to http://pr.ims.ca/5319-140


The Restoration Millwork Exterior Trim from CertainTeed is a solid PVC finish trim that mimics top-grade lumber. The line includes trimboards, beadboard, full-size sheets, one-piece corners, brickmould and drip caps. The trim comes finished on all sides, can be painted and is milled in 18- and 20-foot lengths. It has a 25-year limited warranty.

For FREE info go to http://pr.ims.ca/5319-142


The Elk HighPoint Premier 300 from Elk Premium Building Products is a lightweight, low-profile vent that hugs the roof and allows the hip and ridge shingle above to achieve the desired look. The system can withstand high temperature changes and can be gun-nailed without connector straps or gasket material.

For FREE info go to http://pr.ims.ca/5319-141

Universal Forest Products

The one-piece corner mould was recently added to Universal Forest Product's TechTrim line of primed cellular polymer exterior products. The corner mould has a wood grain texture and adapts to 88- to 92- degree corners. It is available in 10-foot lengths widths of 4 and 6 inches and requires one coat of exterior paint.

For FREE info go to http://pr.ims.ca/5319-143

Berger Building Products

The No Leaf solid gutter cover from Berger Building Products can be used on new or existing gutters. The system's bullnose design creates surface tension for rainwater flow. It is installed under the first row of shingles and is made of .024-gauge aluminum in 4-foot lengths in 19 colors. The company offers a 20-year limited warranty.

For FREE info go to http://pr.ims.ca/5319-144


The latest extension to the Leaf Relief line of gutter products from Alcoa Home Exteriors includes the Retro-fit gutter. Made out of aluminum, the gutters have a vinyl polymer strip for sealant and debris prevention. The units can fit existing gutters and can be applied around corners. 5- and 6-inch versions are available.

For FREE info go to http://pr.ims.ca/5319-145


The Arreis sustainable fiberboard from SierraPine is a medium-density fiberboard panel made from 100 percent recycled wood fiber from sustainable forestry operations and contains no added formaldehyde. It is engineered to perform like a standard MDF product and has few VOC emissions. Applications include cabinetry, wall paneling and casework.

For FREE info go to http://pr.ims.ca/5319-146

New product showcase plus bath fixtures, trim and gutters

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