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The Pinnacle Experience Delivers the Must-Attend Event of 2022

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The Pinnacle Experience Delivers the Must-Attend Event of 2022

The happening unveils a fresh, innovative format ensuring more value, excitement, knowledge, and fun – but none of what is boring about conventional-style conventions.

August 10, 2022
pro remodeler pinnacle experience

Palatine, IL (July 25, 2022) — As the remodeling world continues to innovate in thrilling future-forward ways, its annual events have earned a reputation for being the same old same old. But The Pinnacle Experience – hosted by Pro Remodeler and Custom Builder – intentionally breaks that mold to create an experience that reinvents the entire concept of an industry event. 

The Pinnacle Experience effectively combines the popular Extreme Sales Summit and Extreme Lead Gen, with an added focus on Leadership and Technology. But unlike typical events, The Pinnacle Experience is not dictated by event organizers or sponsors. But instead turns the spotlight on the attendees, not the event, the traditional industry event design is turned on its head.

Forget about bland snacks, snoozer presentations, or awkward networking parties. Take a tour, go hiking, meet up with old and new friends and have adventures. Enjoy the camaraderie of outdoor excursions. See the latest tech solutions in action, and find out how others are using them for growth. Then try them out, hands-on. Gain powerful business strategies and make valuable industry connections through casual meetups, dynamic breakout sessions, and fresh, interactive ways of learning. 

Creatively customize the experience to individual and team preferences with a multi-focused agenda. Spend time with thought leaders, industry influencers, technology innovators, and an array of industry partners. Discover transformative business tips and tricks for recruiting, managing, paying salespeople, and capturing and converting profitable leads.

Meanwhile, be exquisitely pampered by the royal treatment in a stunning resort near Scottsdale’s historic Old Town. The Pinnacle Experience has been described as the must-attend event of the year. Attendance is limited, so making plans soon is strongly recommended. For more information and to register, visit ProRemodelerPinnacle.com



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5 Things To Do About "It"

Although the changing economy and resulting consumer behaviors may feel out of your control, there are still a few impactful things you can do

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