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Tools & Equipment

Tools & Equipment

Remodeling tools range from smartphone apps to screwdrivers and cranes. Finding the best equipment for the job can be the difference between a smooth progression and a frustrating delay in your project. Innovations in remodeling equipment can help your firm get ahead of the competition and lead to greater customer satisfaction.

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Innovative Products: Flexible Al Fresco Cooking and Material Delivery

An outdoor kitchen appliance that brings al fresco cooking to compact spaces and a delivery service aimed at minimizing shopping time and maximizing your time 

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Tools & Equipment

Innovative Products: Canvas by Occipital

This innovative product brings 3D-renderings from your phone without extra attachments. 

Pro's Picks: EazyHang

A pro's favorite cabinet installation tool that saves time and labor. 

Pelican Releases Industry's First Cooler to Separate Wet and Dry Storage

Plus, other ways to keep your phone safe from a job site's extreme weather

Tools & Equipment

Innovative Products: Pelican EZ-Click MOLLE Panel System

A storage system that converts the lid into usable space

Tools & Equipment

Innovative Products: PaintLine Portable Jobsite Spray Booth

An on-site, reusable paint booth that solves the problem of makeshift overspray protection

Tools & Equipment

3 Innovative Products for Remodelers That Could Make Your Job Easier

Keep up with the latest tech with these innovative remodeling and home improvement products.

Tools & Equipment

Pro's Picks: HEPA 360° Air Scrubber

A two-part air filtration system that keeps the jobsite clean. 

Top 100 Products for 2020

The year's top 100 products as decided by you, our readers

Innovative Products: Carta by Plott

Plott promises its measuring wheel will eliminate cost and increase efficiency

Innovative Products: Two New Products from Owens Corning

The shingle color of the year is ... blue? Yep! And homeowners can check out multiple options with the new Build Your Roof tool.

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