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WRB & Flashing

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How to Replace a Window in a Fat Wall (Part 1)

Jobsite Know-How details how to install a window... again. This time it’s in a fat wall wrapped with an air barrier and exterior rigid insulation

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Small and Mighty: Model ReModel East

This retirement home packs a lot of quality construction into a small space

Top 100 Products for 2019

Professional Remodeler’s annual roundup of the top 100 products as chosen by you, our readers

How to Slip Peel-and-Stick Roof Membrane Under Existing Step Flashing

The trick is to use narrow strips of membrane and a triangular stick

Model of Independence

The New American Remodel explores creative approaches to sustainable design

Pro's Picks: ZIP System Liquid Flash

For confidence that your building envelope is fully air- and watertight

Framing With Thick ZIPs

This cold-climate wall system allows for smooth old-to-new transitions and incorporates a flush-framed deck ledger detail

Airtight Deck Framing

Tightening this complex intersection of framing materials

Moisture Management With Drywall

How to prevent moisture damage in residential and commercial bathrooms

The New American Remodel: Product Showcase

Carefully chosen and finely detailed products define the 2018 New American Remodel

Innovative Products: NanaWall ClimaClear

A panel sliding system for those who like seeing the outdoors without having to weather the elements 

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