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3 Tips for Pop-Out Windows

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3 Tips for Pop-Out Windows

A window expert shares how orientation, floor plans, and wall support impact the installation of pop-out windows.

By Levi Geadelmann May 26, 2021
Marvin Skycove
This article first appeared in the May/June 2021 issue of Pro Remodeler.

A recent national survey conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of Marvin found that 58% of builders and 48% of architects are “always” or “often” asked to select products that improve a homeowner’s health and happiness. Topping the list of must-haves? Natural light and views of nature. Pop-out windows deliver both. Here are three tips for remodelers considering a pop-out window for their next project.

1. Ensure Structural Support

Adding a pop-out structure may require a structural engineer to sign off on the plans, especially if the unit will be large or heavy. An engineer will ensure the wall to which the window will be attached is structurally sound and make any modifications needed, especially if the unit will have bench seating. The pop-out window itself could be strong enough to support people safely, but if the wall that window is attached to isn’t, it creates a major safety concern.

Having this discussion early on can help manage clients’ expectations and budgets, especially when working with an older home. Most older homes have 2 x 4 walls, and it is recommended to opt for 2 x 6 walls or even steel to properly support the opening and the pop-out structure. Having to update wall support will impact budgets and timelines.

2. Consider How a Pop-Out Can Add Space to a Room

Pop-out window spaces not only have the ability to increase the amount of natural light entering a home and views of the outdoors, but they also have the power to solve spatial problems. This is a game-changer for remodelers dealing with small spaces. A pop-out window space can create additional seating in a kitchen or make an awkward or narrow hallway seem bigger without having to extend the home’s physical footprint. The bench seating may also eliminate the need for a sofa, effectively doubling the amount of gained space.

3. Pay Attention to Orientation

Remodelers may want to consider adding a pop-out window space to a north-facing wall in a bedroom or dining room, where homeowners will likely prefer less bright light. Sunlight also generates heat, meaning remodelers should consider the effects of temperature in the space to ensure the area doesn’t feel like a sauna. To help with airflow and temperature control, consider installing the pop-out near a heating/cooling vent.

Levi Geadelmann is the product portfolio strategist at Marvin.

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