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5 Tips for Successful Performance Reviews

If you want to peek into a successful business, look inside the minds of its people

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The Home Depot Downsizes Exterior Installation Services

Perhaps more a statement on the industry than Home Depot

Innovative Products: HOVER Design Pro

Quick, customizable 3D home renderings for exterior replacement pros  

Ready For Your Deck Inspection?

As safety concerns drive ever more stringent deck codes, remodelers and builders find ways to ensure projects pass inspection

Handing Over the Reins

You’re ready to sell part of your remodeling business, and an employee is interested in buying. But where do you start?

Roofing Details for Storm Country

Properly overlapping metal flashing, sealing tapes, and peel-and-stick membranes keeps wind-driven water from getting into the house

Punch Out the Punch-list

7 rules for creating zero punch-list remodeling jobs

Lead Gen on Radio

Nielsen numbers and research show huge influence and ROI in radio advertising

The Canary Signs

10 indicators that show remodelers current and future market conditions 

5 Tips for Keeping Roofing Subs Happy

With fewer skilled subs in higher demand than ever, roofing contractors need to earn subs' loyalty

Innovative Products: Hardy Frame CFS Moment Frame

The industry’s first cold-formed steel prefabricated moment frame

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