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5 Tips for Successful Performance Reviews

If you want to peek into a successful business, look inside the minds of its people

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The Case for Employee Crews

Use of subcontracted labor by roofing, siding, window, or deck contractors is an issue for many homeowners. It comes down to accountability.

What Does Your Company Stand For?

Figure out what sets your company apart, and make sure your employees know it, too 

Adding a Stone Veneer Siding Option

Manufactured stone veneer provides instant curb appeal, but lack of installers and the increased cost and time involved are a challenge for siding contractors

When to Hire a Recruiter

Outsourcing your hiring efforts puts recruiting in the hands of specialists

Would Flextime Work for Your Company?

Strategies that enable employees to enjoy a better work-life balance are becoming more popular. But can a home improvement company adopt them?

The Art of the Partial

When it comes to selling windows, something may be better than nothing

Leave Garage Doors to the Experts

Panic ensues when something goes wrong with the garage door

Will a Noncompete Really Stop Someone From Going Into Business?

As more employers make use of noncompetes, courts find that these restrictive agreements are going beyond the bounds of original intent

What Separates Great From Average Salespeople?

Many things make the difference, including curbing the urge to talk

Ten Years After Installation, My 25-Year Roof Is Failing

The need to replace a roof early can come from weather, subpar installation, or product failure

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