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December 2018

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December 2018

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A 5-Day Look at Response Times

Remodelers are letting tens of thousands of dollars pass them by 

Patio Proliferation

Source: NAHB tabulation of data on new single family homes started, from Survey of Construction data, U.S. Census Bureau and HUD. An analysis of U.S…

The Benefits of Financing

A survey of remodelers

A Case for an Italian Tile Show

The annual Bologna-based trade show is the perfect place for American remodelers to learn what it is to work with Italian Ceramic Tiles.

Know Your Numbers

Many remodelers use outdated and ineffective methods of forecasting business. Knowing which numbers to track is a crucial part of managing your company.

Six Tips for Basement Renovation

Dos and don’ts for creating a structurally sound, finished basement that homeowners will love

Innovative Products: MiTek Deck Designer

Free online software to simplify and speed up the design process

Innovative Products: MyOnlineToolbox

A marketing & SEO education tool built exclusively for contractors

Innovative Products: COFFEEBOXX

The most heavy-duty coffee maker available 

Understanding Relative Humidity

How much moisture air can hold depends on the temperature, which is why they call it “relative humidity.” Here’s how it works and why it matters.

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