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Pro's Picks: WeatherLogic

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Pro's Picks: WeatherLogic

A sheathing that cuts installation time nearly half and provides an air-and-water-sealed barrier. 

By Pro Remodeler Staff April 8, 2021
LP WeatherLogic
This article first appeared in the Mar/Apr 2021 issue of Pro Remodeler.

Kyle Stumpenhorst

Kyle Stumpenhorst

Rural Renovators / Franklin Grove, Ill.

LP'S Weatherlogic

On larger-scale projects, a lot of time you have to install your sheathing and then come back with a WRB. With WeatherLogic, you install your sheathing, tape your joints with the WeatherLogic tape, and it’s completely air and water sealed right off the bat. 

I’ll typically use WeatherLogic if I’m going to be installing LP’s SmartSide siding or some other finish, like a stone siding, where I need structural sheathing behind it. We’ll also use WeatherLogic roof material for our roof decks.

Before WeatherLogic, we would use a standard sheet board such as OSB or plywood. If we were on a wall application, we’d have to come back with housewrap and detail all the water connections for windows and penetrations doors. On a roofing job, we would have to come back and lay tar paper, a process that takes time and money. 

With WeatherLogic, taping the seams takes very little time at all. I would say you’re not quite cutting it in half, but you’re reducing it substantially. Labor is the most expensive thing on the job site, so anytime you can reduce labor, you’re going to be better off. 

When you handle WeatherLogic, it’s more rigid than many traditional OSBs. It installs on your walls flatter and holds up so much longer, too. 

I think that the next thing I would want to see is the potential for things like a grooved tongue and grooved panel so we could get a thermal break on our entire structure.

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