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Construction Practices

Articles, surveys, ideas, trends, and tips on best practices for residential builders, remodelers, and architects serving the residential construction industry.

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3 Pro Tips for Insulating Foundation

Symbi Homes builds and remodels green from the ground up at the Model ReModel 2022 project, the Regeneration House

Model ReModel

Siding Restoration on a Historic Home: Part 1

In order to give our Model ReModel 2022, a 19th-century Victorian, a proper facelift, the Symbi Homes team opted to repaint in a new palette. The age of the home required a specific approach to manage lead paint and historical requirements.

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Growth Spurt

Fast-paced expansion of top line sales feels great, until the stress sets in.

Lay It On Me?

Shingling over an old roof may be faster, cheaper, and a common practice. But some companies refuse to do it.

Things That Have Never Been

Pro Remodeler is taking on an ambitious project this year, with the goal of benefiting the industry

Know Your Client

Snapshot of a survey that'll help you understand your clients better

Developing Skilled Labor Is Our Responsibility

An effort to help our industry

Professional vs. Authority

Why you should become not just another remodeler but an “authority” in the field

Are You Good, or Just Lucky?

It’s important to understand whether your success comes from skill and strategy or a roll of the dice

Deck in a Day

The goal: sell a deck today and install it tomorrow. A year after launch, this remodeler’s sale-to-install cycle is down to seven days and counting. 

The Move From Scarcity to Specificity

The most successful remodeling companies today have changed how they look at sales and production

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