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How to Replace a Window (Part 2)

This time it’s in a fat wall wrapped with a housewrap air barrier and exterior rigid insulation

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Simple Soundproofing Solutions for Remodels

Effective soundproofing is the result of the materials used, and how they are connected or isolated from each other.

How to Lay Big Tile

When large tiles break, the substrate usually gets the blame. But often the real culprit is using the wrong technique to trowel the mortar.

Jobsite Know-How

How To Retrofit Brick Structures for Repeated Flooding

Create a drainage plane and rebuild with water-tolerant materials

Jobsite Know-How

How To Lift Serious Weight

This site-built lever solves the problem of safely lifting and supporting a heavy load while working solo.  ​​​​

Placing a Concrete Foundation in One Pour

Using this old-school method, footings and stem walls are formed and poured together

How to Retrofit a Radon Mitigation System

To draw air from sub-slab soil, the slab must be airtight

Weak Links in Vinyl Soffit and Siding Details

During a hurricane, a lot of wind and water damage occurs when soffits blow off the building. Here’s a look at why it happens and how to prevent it. 

How To Build A Warm, Dry, Unvented Crawlspace

A good building envelope begins with foundation details that keep water out, and air and heat in

How to Repair Plaster on Lath

For long-lasting results, reattach loose lath and plaster surrounding the patch

How to Demo Drywall Fast, Clean, and in One Piece

Goodbye bull-and-jam demo. Magnets and drills are cleaner—and ultimately faster—than sledgehammers.

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