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How to Replace a Window (Part 2)

This time it’s in a fat wall wrapped with a housewrap air barrier and exterior rigid insulation

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How to Use Liquid Flashing in a Fat Wall

Trowel-on flashing is a good solution for fat-wall openings into which windows are partly or fully recessed

How To Accurately Locate Framing Penetrations

The trick is to drill a tiny exploratory hole with a locator bit made from a piece of piano wire

How to Tool a Caulked Tile Joint Without Making a Mess

A tile setter shares a 40-year-old secret to tooling perfect joints every time

Framing Tips for Double-Stud Walls

How to lay out, align, and connect the inner and outer walls of a superinsulated double-wall house

Shape Affects Cost

Unit pricing is an invaluable tool for fast, accurate estimating. But counting units is not the same as estimating. Make sure your estimator knows the difference.

How to Smoke Out Air Leaks

A pre-construction smoke-test will produce air leaks you (and your clients) can see

Routing Box Cutouts In-Place

The result is a clean cutout that will be easily concealed by a standard coverplate

How to Slip Peel-and-Stick Roof Membrane Under Existing Step Flashing

The trick is to use narrow strips of membrane and a triangular stick

How to Cut Holes in Drywall

Tools and techniques for making perfect electrical box cutouts every time

Bathroom Lighting

Use these guidelines to avoid common mistakes 

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